iPhone and iPod touch settings for UTORmail

Before You Start

Before you start, please ensure your UTORid has been activated, and that you have your @utoronto.ca email address and UTORmail configuration number handy. Also, be sure you are connected to the Internet before running Mail.

*WARNING! The POP setting on the iPhone/iPod Touch Mail application, by default, removes all email messages from your UTORmail INBOX. We strongly recommend that customers using iPhone/iPod Touch Mail application use IMAP for incoming mail server.

Setting up your UTORmail account

  1. Tap Settings on the home screen:

    iPhone home screen

  2. Scroll down and tap Mail:

    iPhone settings

  3. Tap Add Account:

    iPhone add account

  4. Select Other (last option):

    iPhone add account 2

  5. Tap IMAP:

    iPhone IMAP

  6. Fill out the information fields as follows:
    • Address: Your @utoronto.ca email address
    • Incoming Mail Server
      • Host Name: mailboxN.utcc.utoronto.ca (where N is replaced with your UTORmail configuration number)
      • User Name: your UTORid
      • Password: Your Password

        iPhone IMAP settings
    • Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
      • Host Name: smtp.utoronto.ca
      • User Name: Your UTORid
  7. Tap Advanced.

    iPhone advanced settings
  8. The following screen will appear:

    iPhone SSL settings

    Choose the following settings:
    • Incoming Settings
      • Use SSL: ON.
      • Authentication: Password.
      • Server Port 993
    • Outgoing Settings
      • Use SSL: ON.
      • Authentication: Password.
      • Server Port 587
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