Setting the junk mail filter in OWA

The Outlook Web Access interface allows for junk mail filtering. Be warned that junk mail filtering can sometimes mark legitimate emails as junk mail. You should check your Junk E-mail folder occasionally to ensure no legitimate emails have been moved there.

Follow these steps to turn on/off your junk mail filtering:

  1. Log into
  2. Go to Options and choose See All Options.
  3. Under Block or Allow, choose Automatically filter junk e-mail if you wish to use junk mail filtering, or choose Do not filter junk e-mail if you do not wish to use junk mail filtering. Note: We recommend all users to enable automatic junk-mail filtering.
  4. Click Save.

OWA junk mail filtering


This next section outlines several ways to fine-tune your junk mail filtering to reduce the number of legitimate emails being marked as junk:

Note: At each point where you can enter email addresses, you can also choose to enter only the domain (@domain). This will ensure that any email addresses coming from that particular domain will be marked as safe or blocked, depending on which list it is in. For example, if "" is added to the Safe Senders List, then any email address that ends with will not be marked as junk.

  • Safe Senders and Recipients allows you to create a list of recipient email addresses that will never be treated as junk mail. This is especially useful in situations where you are subscribed to mailing lists and receive emails from different senders. To avoid these emails being marked as junk mail, you can add the mailing list email address to the Safe Recipients List and all email you receive as part of the mailing list will not be treated as junk mail. You can also choose to automatically have anyone in your contacts considered a safe sender by selecting Also trust e-mail from my Contacts.
  • Blocked Senders allows you to create a list of email addresses that will always be considered junk mail.
  • If you wish to treat all emails other than those on your Safe Senders List and Safe Recipients List (and Contacts if Also trust e-mail from my Contacts is selected) as junk mail, you can choose Treat all e-mail as junk unless it comes from someone in Safe Senders or Safe Recipients lists, or from senders in my organisation.  This will also allow all email to come in.
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