OWA: Creating a Rule for incoming messages.

OWA Premium has the ability to create Rules to help you manage your messages. Rules created in OWA are server-based rules. You can also modify these rules when you use Outlook (for Windows or Mac) but not Entourage.

In this example, we will set up a new Rule to look for the words UTORexchange or exchange in both the Subject and Body and if there is a match, move the message into the UTORexchange folder.

  1. Log into OWA.
  2. Go to Mail view.
  3. Click Options and choose See All Options.
  4. Click Organize E-Mail and choose Inbox Rules.
  5. Click New and choose Create a new Rule for arriving messages or choose one of the prepared Rules.  
  6. You may see the following warning. You will need to delete all disabled rules before you continue. If you need to keep some disabled rules, click cancel. Choose the option appropriate to your needs.
  7. You will see the New Inbox Rule window. Under When the message arrives, and: select what is appropriate from the dropdown menu. For the purposes of this example, select It was received from. In the pop-up menu select a name from the Address Book that appears.

    OWA Create Rule

  8. Under Do the following, select what is appropriate. Select Move the message to folder and in the window that appears, select the folder you wish to move the message to.
  9. Click More Options, where you can add Exceptions to the rule. Select what is appropriate.
  10. You can now enter a meaningful name in the field Name of rule.
  11. Click Save.


More information on Rules can be found by clicking on the Help icon in the upper right hand corner of the OWA screen.

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