Shared UTORexchange Mailboxes

A shared UTORexchange mailbox provides a single generic email address that can be used by multiple people within a department. These mailboxes follow the form or For example,

If you require an address for a Recognized Campus Group, Course Union or Student Societies go to Ulife .

Owning a Shared UTORexchange Mailbox

Shared UTORexchange mailboxes are assigned one owner, who is responsible for maintaining it and delegating access to others.

In order to 'own' or access a shared mailbox, you must have a UTORexchange account, since you will log in to your individual UTORexchange account to access the shared mailbox. See Migration Preparation for further details on how to migrate your individual account if you haven't already done so.

If you own a shared mailbox and wish to delegate access, you must be using Outlook.

If you have an existing UTORmail departmental email address and you want to migrate it to UTORexchange, you must prepare it for migration and then migrate it., Begin at the section Prepare and Migrate the UTORmail Departmental Email Address.

Creating a New Shared UTORexchange Mailbox

To create a UTORexchange shared mailbox, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain a letter on departmental letterhead from your organization which includes the desired email address and the name, telephone number and email address of the person responsible for the new email account. The account information will be mailed to the person responsible. If you wish to receive the information via email, please indicate that in the letter.
  2. Submit the letter to Robarts Library Reader Registration in one of the following ways:
    • by email – scan the letter and send it as an attachment to
    • fax the letter to 416-971-3131, or
    • bring the letter in person to the Reader Registration Desk, Robarts Library, 1st floor on the St. George Campus
  3. You will be given a library number and alternate ID number which you will use to create your shared mailbox. 
  4. Go to the UTORid Management page and click Create your UTORid. Here, you will be prompted to enter the library and alternate ID number that you have been given. Note that this will not actually create a new UTORid but will associate the shared mailbox with the person who has been designated as the owner. 
  5. You will then be guided through the process for creating a shared mailbox.

If you have any questions regarding shared mailboxes, contact the Help Desk at or 416-978-4357.

For more information about getting a library card, please call Reader Registration at 416-978-7694.

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