Prepare and Migrate the UTORmail Departmental Email Address

Before migrating your UTORmail departmental email address, you must first prepare it for the migration.

Prepare the Departmental Email Address

If you have just created your departmental email address, wait at least 60 minutes before completing this step.

  1. Go to the Departmental Email Address preparation page.
  2. Log in, using your (future email owner) UTORid and follow the instructions.

Migrate to UTORexchange

This section is to be carried out by the owner of the mailbox. To begin the migration process please follow these instructions:

  1. Close your email client (e.g. Thunderbird, Outlook).
  2. Go to the migration web page (this link will open a new browser window so you can still access these instructions).
  3. Type the departmental UTORid and password in the appropriate fields and click Authenticate.
  4. Click the Migrate button. You will be added to the queue waiting to be migrated.
  5. Do not close your web browser after you have clicked the Migrate button. Doing so will terminate the migration process and may leave you in an incomplete state. Once the migration is complete the page will change to indicate that your email has been migrated.
  6. To confirm that the departmental email has been migrated:

    if you are using OWA Premium, go to and login with the following:

    Domain\user name: utorarbor\UTORid (Note: this should be your personal UTORid - you will no longer use the departmental UTORid and password to access the shared mailbox)
    Password: UTORid password
      • In the top right corner, click on the down arrow beside your user name.

        OWA window
      • Type the name of the shared mailbox or the email address and click Open.
      • The shared mailbox will open (in Outlook Web Access) in a new browser window.
      If you are using
OWA Light
    • Open a web browser.
    • Go to (where you replace with the email address of the shared mailbox). You will be taken to the same login screen you see when you access your own mailbox.
    • Log in with your personal UTORid and password at the prompts. The main OWA screen will display the Inbox and other folders for the shared mailbox.

This is the web page you will use to access your email via web browser (now might be a good time to bookmark it). Try sending a test email to the shared email address.

See the Owner's Instructions next to modify access groups for the shared mailbox. See the Email Client Setup instructions to configure your email client to include the shared mailbox.

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