Shared UTORexchange Mailbox - Giving Delegate Access to Others using Outlook for Windows

If you are the owner of a shared mailbox and wish to delegate access, you can only grant access to those who have a UTORexchange account.

You will access management groups which you will then modify to include people who require delegate access. The groups will have names like mailbox_name-FullAccess and mailbox_name-SendAs and indicate two levels of access:

  • FullAccess gives the user the ability to read, delete and change items in the mailbox. Please note that if you want the user to be able to send on behalf of the shared mailbox, you must give them SendAs access as well.
  • SendAs grants the user the ability to send a message on behalf of the shared mailbox).


  1. Go to the Shared Mailbox Group Access Tool and click Continue.

    Departmental Mailbox Group Access Tool

  2. Enter your UTORid and password and click Log in.

    Login screen

  3. Type the mailbox name or email address and click OK.

    Confirm Mailbox Name

  4. Choose Visible and click Apply.

    Hide/Unhide screen

  5. Your settings will be changed. Now you can access these groups and modify the membership to include those requiring delegate access.

    Hide/Unhide screen

  6. In Outlook, click on the Address Book icon.

    Address Book Icon

  7. Select All Distribution Lists (or All Groups for certain versions of Outlook 2010) from the Address Book pull-down menu. If you don't see the groups for your shared mailbox, type the name in the search field and press Enter.

    Address Book - All Distribution Lists

  8. Double-click on the group you wish to modify.
  9. Click Modify Members.

    Modify Members

  10. Cick Add.

    Add Members

  11. Find the names in the list of contacts, and double-click each name you wish to add.

    Add Members

  12. Click OK, then OK again.
  13. At this point, you can add this group to your contacts so you can more easily modify group members (see the Modify Access Groups tip for instructions). Click Add to Contacts, then click Save & Close. Click OK to close the group window.

    Modify Members

  14. Repeat for the other group if desired, then close the Address Book window.
  15. Since these groups are not intended for public use, they should not be in the Global Address List nor should the list of members be viewable. They are used only to manage who has full access or "send as" access for the departmental mailbox. Hide the access groups again using the Shared Mailbox Group Access Tool.

Those people who have been granted access will need to set up their email clients.

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