Configure Mac Mail 10 for UTORexchange

Although Mac Mail can be used with UTORexchange, Outlook is the preferred email client.

  1. Click Mail in the dock or double-click the Mail icon in your Applications folder.
  2. If you do not have an existing email account set up in Mac Mail, you will be presented with a welcome screen. If there is an exisiting email account set up already, click on Mail, then Preferences. In the window that appears click on Accounts. Then click on + located on the bottom left corner. 
  3. Choose Exchange, then click Continue.

    Mac Mail - choose account type

  4. Type your NameEmail Address and Password. Click Sign in.

    Mac Mail account info

  5. Mail will search for the mail server. You will see a new window with a notification that it failed. Enter  utorarbor\utorid in the User Name field (where utorid is your actual UTORid).

    Mac Mail Sign in

    Click Sign In. Mail will check the connection to the mail server. Please note that this can take a while. 

  6. In the next screen, place checkmarks beside Contacts and Calendar if you wish to set them up for UTORexchange automatically. Click Done. If the Accounts window is open, close it.
  7. Mail will open showing the Inbox.
    You may need to click on Mailboxes in the top left of the window in order to see all your folders.
    It will begin to import all your UTORexchange folders and messages. Depending on the size of your mailbox, it can take some time before all your messages have synced.
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