Slow email message delivery

It is a common issue for messages to be delivered to the recipient after a significant delay. There are a variety of factors that can influence this:

  • If the recipient is another mail address, it is possible that their mail box is over quota. Some of these messages will not be delivered until the mail box is below the quota. Other messages will be returned to sender. For further information on managing mail quotas please see: Email Storage Quota
  • If the recipient does not have an address, it is possible that the recipient's email service was slow in delivering mail to the proper Inbox. This is an issue that must be addressed by the recipient and their email provider.
  • There have been issues with mail services explicitly blocking mail addresses, however at the time of writing (August 18, 2009) there are no known issues. In such an event, it is best to use a third party mail service (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.)
For further assistance on mail delivery issues please contact the Information Commons Help Desk by phone at (416) 978-4357 or email at Tags: UTORexhange, UTORmail, UTORwebmail
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