Configure Entourage EWS for Exchange

    1. Launch Entourage (from Applications / Microsoft Office 2008).
    2. In the Entourage Setup Assistant, choose Import from a previous version of Entourage and click the right arrow to continue.Setup Assistant 1

    3. Choose the version you are importing from and click the right arrow.

      Setup Assistant 2
    4. Select items to import and click the right arrow.

      Setup Assistant 3
    5. Your previous version of Entourage will have all settings and messages stored in a Main Identity. Make sure it is selected and click the right-arrow to continue.

      Setup Assistant 4
    6. You will see the following warning. Click OK to continue.

      Setup Assistant 5
    7. Entourage will now import your settings and messages. This can take several minutes to complete.

      Setup Assistant 6
    8. You will then be prompted to log in to UTORexchange with your UTORid (Account ID) and password. Enter them and click OK.

      Setup Assistant 7
    9. Click Finish.

      Setup Assistant 8
    10. You will see the following error message. This is because you will need to change your Exchange Server Address in the settings. Close this window.

      Setup Assistant 9
    11. Entourage will open (you will not be connected to UTORexchange). Choose Accounts from the Tools menu and double-click your profile name. Go to the Advanced tab.
      • Under Exchange server type
      • Ensure This server requries a secure connection (SSL) checked.
      • Ensure This LDAP server requires a secure connection (SSL) is unchecked.
      • Click OK.

      Advanced Settings
    12. You will be prompted to log in to your UTORexchange account again. Entourage will again import messages from the Exchange server. It may take some time to import all messages, depending on the size of the mailbox. For large mailboxes (100 MB to 300 MB or more), anywhere up to an hour is possible.
    13. Finally, go to Tools, Junk E-mail Protection and chose None, if not already selected. Click OK.The Junk E-mail settings window
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