Create an OWA rule to filter unwanted Spam from your Inbox

  1. Create a new folder and name it Bulk. To do this, click on the plus (+) sign beside your Mailbox name in the list of folders, then type Bulk in the field created.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner, then begin typing rules into the search field. When Inbox rules appears below the field, click on it.

    OWA settings

  3. Under inbox rules, click the + sign to create a new ruleInbox rules 1

  4. In the next screen, name the rule Bulk Rule. 

    Inbox rules 2

  5. Under When the message arrives..., select It includes these words and then in the message header.

    Select Bulk Rule Options

  6. In the text box type Gauge=XXXXXXX and then click the plus (+) symbol. (Note: The number of Xs you type will determine the degree to which messages will be labelled as spam. We suggest you start by using 7 Xs which will filter messages with a 70% or greater probability that it will be marked as spam. If you find that you are still getting too many spam messages in your Inbox, you can lower the probability to 60% by changing it to 6 Xs.)

    Click OK.

    Select Bulk Rule Options 2

  7. Under Do the following: select Move, Copy, or Delete and then Move the message to folder.

    Select Bulk Rule Options 3

  8. Choose the Bulk folder you created in step 1 and click OK.
  9. Click OK and the rule will be active.
  10. Remember to check the bulk folder and manage its content. You may want to “Empty Folder” regularly.
  11. Please note, this rule will only apply to new incoming Spam. To apply the rule to existing Spam in your Inbox, you can set the rule up in Outlook 2016:
    • In Outlook, go to the Folder tab
    • Click Run Rules Now
    • Select the checkbox beside the rule you created
    • Under "Apply rules to" select All messages
    • Click Run Now

      Run Rules Outlook 2016
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