Configuring Outlook on iPhone for Student UTmail+

Please Note: As of September, you must have iOS 11 or higher in order to use Outlook.

  1. Open the App store, find Microsoft Outlook and tap the Get button, then tap Install to download and install.
  2. Open Outlook once it’s finished installing. Tap Get Started.

    Set up Outlook for Office 365

  3. Type your email address and tap Add Account.

    Set up Outlook for Office 365

  4. You will see the Weblogin screen. Enter your UTORid and password and tap Log in.

    Configure Outlook for Office 365

  5. Tap Maybe Later if you do not wish to add another account.

    Set up Outlook for Office 365

  6. Swipe through the information screens. You will then be taken to your Inbox.

    Set up Outlook for Office 365
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