Sharing a calendar in Entourage or Outlook 2011

  1. Go to Calendar view.

     Entourage Calendar

  2. In Entourage, go to the Edit menu and select Folder Properties.
    In Outlook 2011, go to the File menu, choose Folder and click Properties (make sure you have your UTORexchange calendar selected).

  3. From the Folder Properties: Calendar window, select the Permissions tab. The default permission set for any person is to allow them only to see your Free/Busy time, which shows as None in the Permissions tab.

    If you wish for EVERYONE to see more details about non-private meetings and events, highlight the Default name and change the Permission Level drop-down menu to Reviewer.

    If you want to grant specific rights to specific people, click the Add User… button.


  4. Type the user's full or partial name in the field and click Find. Highlight the name in the list and click OK.

    Entourage Permissions Advanced

  5. You will then return to the Permissions tab of the Folder Properties dialog. Highlight the person’s account you just added, and adjust the permissions appropriately in the Permission Level drop-down menu.
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