Accessing a Resource Calendar in Outlook

The Resource Calendar is used to track and edit the activity of any given resource such as meeting rooms, labs and equipment as users try to secure these resources for their various tasks and meetings.

A user must have the correct permission level in order to view or edit the calendar. These permissions are given by the Resource Manager or a User with Owner Level permission who, upon request, grants the relevant access.

The following outlines the steps necessary to add a resource calendar into Outlook:

  1. Open Outlook and select Calendar in the Navigation pane (far left and towards the bottom).
  2. In Calendar view, again in the Navigation pane select Open a Shared calendar... (This brings up the Open a Shared Calendar dialogue box).
  3. Click Name, search the GAL for the desired Resource, highlight and click OK, then OK again.
  4. The Calendar now appears in the Navigation pane under People's Calendars.
  5. To view, simply make sure the calendar is selected (checked).
  6.  Uncheck in the Navigation pane to remove from the view pane.
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