Ownership and Assigning Permissions for a Resource Calendar

When a Resource account is created on UTORexchange, an individual has to be appointed as the Resource Manager. The Manager is responsible for assigning access permissions to users for the Resource Calendar. Users who have been assigned Owner Level Permissions can also share in the task of assigning access permissions.

To assign permissions for the resource using Outlook, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Outlook in Calendar view.
  2. From the File menu choose Open and select Other User's Folder...
  3. In the Open Other User's Folder dialogue box click Name to do a search.
  4. In the Search box, type the name or partial name of the resource.
  5. Under the Address Book pull-down menu, choose All Resources. Highlight the resource and click OK, then OK again.
  6. Look in the Navigation pane under Shared Calendars (Outlook 2010), or People's Calendar (Outlook 2007) for the Resource Calendar.
  7. Permissions can be set by simply right-clicking the Calendar and selecting Properties.
  8. Go to the Permissions tab.
  9. You can add a new user or change permissions for existing users in this tab. You can choose Reviewer (read-only), Author (add/modify/delete own data), Editor (add/modify/delete all data) when assigning different permissions.
  10. When done Apply these settings and click OK.


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