Copying an Old Outlook Calendar to UTORexchange

Save your old PST file and migrate to UTORexchange

If you have already done this, continue to the next section.

  1. Save your PST file. This file contains all of the personal information you use in Outlook (e.g. Contacts, local e-mail, and calendars). To locate and save your PST file, please consult our articles in the Post Migration Preparation section.
  2. Migrate to Exchange.
  3. Configure Outlook for Exchange.
    Note: If you have more than one Outlook profile, be sure to choose the UTORexchange profile when starting Outlook, unless you configured it to use that profile by default.
  4. Once Outlook is configured to connect to UTORexchange, you will need to reopen the PST file you saved in Step 1 (instructions available in our articles in the Post Migration Preparation section).

Copy appointments from your old calendar to UTORexchange

  1. Select the calendar attached to the PST file you just opened.
  2. To copy all appointments at once, change the view in Outlook 2007, go to View > Current View > All Appointments.
  3. Click on one appointment, then press Ctrl + A to select all.
  4. Press Ctrl + C to make a copy of all selected appointments.
  5. Click on the UTORexchange calendar.
  6. In Outlook 2007, go to View > Current View > All Appointments
    and click in the blank table.
  7. Press Ctrl + V to paste the appointments into the UTORexchange calendar.
  8. To return to standard view in Outlook 2007, go to View > Current View > Day/Week/Month

You may want to remove the old calendar from Outlook:

  1. Go to Files > Data File Management.
  2. Select the name which corresponds to the .pst file you saved from your old Outlook.
  3. Click Remove, then Yes.
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