How do I convert Word documents into PDFs?

Note: The Help Desk does not provide support for PDF document creation.

You may need to install all Microsoft Updates before following the instructions below.

Microsoft Word 2010:

  • With your document open, click the File tab > Save As
  • Name your file and in the Save as type field below, select PDF
  • Click Save

Microsoft Word 2007:

  • With your document open, cick the Office Button (on the top left corner) > Save As
  • Expand the Save as type drop down box. Select PDF (*.pdf)
  • Name your file and click Save or Publish

Microsoft Word 2008 (Mac):

  • With your document open, click File > Save As...
  • Name your file and under Format: select PDF
  • Click Save

You can also convert Word documents to PDFs on Library computers.

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