LISTSERV Tips and Tricks

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Setting up a Bottom Banner

LISTSERV has the capability to automatically add special text at the bottom of messages posted to a list. This is typically used for unsubscribe instructions but can be any text that you want to include. 

  1. Go to select List Management and log in
  2. Choose the list that you want to add a bottom banner
  3. Go to the pull down menu, List Management, Customization and Mail templates
  4. Select the down arrow to the right of All Templates

    bottom banner all template

  5. Choose Top and Bottom Banners from the list
  6. In Select Template, Bottom banner for plain text postings [BOTTOM_BANNER] should appear

    top and bottom banner template

  7. Select Edit Template
  8. In the contents box type the info for your bottom banner (four lines of text or less is best) and press Update at the bottom right to save your changes
  9. A message at the top of the screen should appear with the changes
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