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This document assumes you have read the overview document which has important information you will need before continuing to use the UTORlist web interface.

Disclaimer: Parts of this document have been adapted from the manuals provided by Lsoft.

General Description

The Information Commons and the I+TS Group are jointly offering the UTORlist service in support of the academic, administrative and instructional goals at the University of Toronto. UTORlist provides a simple mechanism for distributing a single message simultaneously to a group of people. For example, UTORlist can be used: to distribute class notes, reading lists, assignments, newsletters, project updates, deadlines, event notices, etc. The UTORlist Service is currently implemented using the LISTSERV™ software. The UTORlist service is governed by the Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology guidelines.

Important Note on Content
All communication is vulnerable, not necessarily private, and cannot be controlled beyond its initial distribution. If a list message topic is not specifically related to the University, you are expected to exercise good judgement and discretion. Be aware that what is sent out via your list may be interpreted as representing the University. A disclaimer is set up for this purpose on all new lists created after March 5th, 2008 which states that the list message does not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the University of Toronto.

E-mail Account
A primary list owner will need an UTORmail e-mail address available from: Secondary owners can use any e-mail address.

List Owner Manual
The following PDF manual is available from the Lsoft website:

LISTSERV™ List Owner Manual

List owners can contact the Information Commons List Master at:

List Owner Tools for LISTSERV

You can either use the new web interface to do all your list work (e.g. adding subscribers, deleting subscribers, sending messages to your list, etc.), or you can continue to use the command line from your email.

Important notes about the web interface:

  • Before you can use the web interface, you will need to create a password to access the site.
  • The web interface provides more functionality than previously offered. Please be sure to read all pertinent documentation before using new features. If you unsure and still have unanswered questions, please contact the Listmaster at

See the article: Using the Web Interface for List Owners

Help for List Owners

If you are experiencing difficulty running the list or have other concerns related to the list, you should contact the IC List Master at . Your subscribers are your responsibility. If one of your subscribers is having a problem, do not send them directly to the IC List Master.

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