Using the Web Interface for Subscribers

As a subscriber, you can subscribe and remove yourself from lists, send messages to the list and send messages to the owner.

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To use the UTORlist service, you can use your UTORmail email address or any other email address. The LISTSERV software extracts your email address from the email message you send and uses this address to distribute mail to you. 

  1. Open a web browser, go to and click Subscriber’s Corner. You will be presented with a Login Required window. Fill in the Email Address and Password fields with the information you previously set up when you created your LISTSERV password. Click Log In.

    Login screen

  2. Click Email Lists and a list of UTORlists will appear. Click on the List Name you are interested in joining. For example, click on MYLIST-L.

    Choose list

  3. A window will open with options. Click Join or Leave MYLIST-L.

    Join List

  4. A window will open with subscription options. If you are not familiar with the LISTSERV interface you may wish to choose the default settings. Type in your name beside the Name field below the List Name and click on the button Join MYLIST-L.

    Subscription Options

  5. A window will appear informing you that your request will not be completed until you confirm it. A message will be sent to the email address you used to log into the service. Click on the link in the message to send your confirmation. 

    Send confirmation

  6. A browser window will open, completing your confirmation, and you will be subscribed to the list.

    Confirmation message


  1. Log in as a List Subscriber and click Subscriber’s Corner.You will see the list(s) to which you are subscribed. 

    Subscribed Lists

  2. Put a check mark in the box next to the list’s name and click on the down arrow in the pull down menu below the lists. Choose Unsubscribe and click Submit.


Sending Mail to a List 

There are two ways to send a message to a list. 

You can use the web interface:


  1. Log in to the web interface with the email account you set up to access LISTSERV. Click on the EmailLists pull down menu.

    Email Lists menu

  2. Under List Name, click on the name of the list to which you wish to send a message.

    Select List

  3. An Options window will open. Click on Post New Message.

    Post New Message

  4. A Send Message window will open. Compose your message and press Send at the bottom of the window.


You can also use email to send a message to everyone subscribed to the list: 

  1. Compose a message to, where “listname” is the name of the list. For example, if the name of the list is CHEM230-L, type: in the “To” field in your email message.

Remember, when you send email to the list, everyone on the list (including the list owner) will receive your message. If you want to send email only to the list owner, see the following section. 

Note: Some lists may not allow you to send everyone email. When you join a list, you are usually informed of the list’s email options.

Sending Mail to the List Owner

  1. Log into the email account you set up to access LISTSERV. 
  2. You can send email to the list owner if you are experiencing difficulty with the list or if you just want to ask a question. For example, if you are subscribed to the list, type: in the “To” field.

Setting Digest Mode 

You can request to have your messages sent in digest mode for a particular list. In digest mode, individual messages that would normally be sent throughout the day are combined into a single message and sent out after midnight. This is convenient if the list is a busy one, or if you just want to print all the daily messages and read them offline.

  1. Log in as a List Subscriber and click Subscriber’s Corner. Gotothe My Settings tab.
  2. Put a check mark in the box next to the list  to indicate that you wish to change its Mail Style. Click on the down arrow in the pull down menu box in the Mail Style column. Choose Digest and click Submit.

    Digest Mode

Who To Call For Help

If you are experiencing difficulty using the list or have other concerns related to the list to which you are subscribed, you should contact the list owner (see Sending Mail to the List Owner above). 


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