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The Help Desk supports the University of Toronto's institutional email services for Students, Staff, and Faculty. Under Other UofT Email Services , you can find information on other email services at the University of Toronto not all of which are officially supported by the Information Commons Help Desk.

Student Email

UTmail+ — UTmail+ is the email and calendar service for students at the University of Toronto. New students get a UTmail+ account when they activate their UTORid.

Staff & Faculty Email

UTORexchange UTORexchange is the institutional email service for faculty and staff which offers integrated email, calendar and contacts services. New faculty and staff get a UTORexchange account when they activate their UTORid.
UTORmail — UTORmail is the legacy email service provided to University of Toronto staff and faculty.


LISTSERV at U of T — UTORlist/LISTSERV provides a simple mechanism for distributing a single message simultaneously to a group of people. The Help Desk offers support for anyone creating or maintaining a mailing list.


Other UofT email Services

Alumni Email Services — As an alumni of the University of Toronto, you are eligible for an alumni account. If you graduated after June 2012, you are eligible for a UTmail+ alumni account (ends in @alum.utoronto.ca). Those who graduated before June 2012 can get a Gmail hosted alumni account (ends in @alumni.utoronto.ca). 

Shared mailboxes — University departments and organizations can obtain a generic email address in the form of something@utoronto.ca (e.g. geography@utoronto.ca).

Student group email service — Email addresses can also be created for student groups. Help with creating such email addresses is provided by Ulife (see instructions for creating a student group email address).

UTSC email service — University of Toronto Scarborough offers UTSCid@utsc.utoronto.ca email addresses to faculty and staff. Help is provided by UTSC Information & Instructional Technology Services .

Other email services — Different departments and faculties have @something.utoronto.ca email address that they offer to students, staff and faculty. For example, Rotman uses @rotman.utoronto.ca If you need support with an email address other than @utoronto.ca, @mail.utoronto.ca, or @alum.utoronto.ca you need to contact the appropriate department/faculty.


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