Shared Contacts - Owner's Instructions, Outlook 2013, 2016

To request a Public Folder for shared contacts, send an email to Please indicate the name you would prefer for the Public Folder. A folder and a Reviewer group will be created and a confirmation email will be sent to you. You can then create individual Contacts and/or Distribution Lists in the Public Folder and modify the Reviewer group to indicate who has access to those entries.

Create Individual Contacts or Distribution Lists in the Public Folder

  1. Go to the Folder view: click on the 3 dots (...) at the bottom of the Outlook window and choose Folders.

    Folder List

  2. Find Public Folders at the bottom of the Folder List in the left-hand column and expand the folders listed below so you see the contents.
    Public Folders -> All Public Folders -> UTORexchange Public Folders -> Shared Contacts.

    Departmental Contacts folder

  3. To create a new Contact or Distribution List:
    • Click on the Public Folder assigned to you to select it (ICHD Test in the example above).
    • Click New Contact or New Contact Group.

      New button - Outlook

    • Follow the same procedure to create your Contact or Contact Group as you would if you were in your personal UTORexchange account.
  4. To copy existing Contacts or Contact Groups from another Contacts folder:
    • While still in the Folder List view, click on the Contacts folder of your personal or shared account.
    • Find the Contact/Contact Group you wish to copy, then press and hold Ctrl while dragging the Contact/Contact Group into the Public Folder assigned to you.

Modify the Reviewer group to add members

The Public Folder that has been created for you will contain a Reviewer group. It will have a name similar to _SharedContacts ICHDTest - Reviewer. Modify the membership of this group to give certain people access to the Contacts and Distribution Lists in your Public Folder.

  1. Double-click on the Reviewer Group.

    Modify Members

  2. In the next window, select the Reviewer Group in the field halfway down the window.Click Add Members and choose a location to add members from.

    Modify Members

  3. Find names in the GAL or other available Address Books, and double-click each name you wish to add.

    Add Members

  4. Click OK, then Save & Close.
  5. When you are back in Folder view, you can create a shortcut to this Reviewer group in your own Contacts folder. That way, you can make changes to the Reviewer group from your Conctacts folder instead of navigating to the Public Folder to do so.
    • Right-click the Public Folder and choose Move > Copy to Folder.

      Modify Members

  6. This will open a new window. Select your Contacts, then click OK.

    Add to UTORexchange Contacts

  7. Click Save & Close.
  8. Finally, change the Properties of your Public Folder so that you and others can access it as an Address Book. Go back to the Folder List and find your folder in the Shared Contacts folder. Right-click it and select Properties.

    Folder properties

  9. Click on the Outlook Address Book tab and put a check mark beside Show the folder as an e-mail Address Book. Click OK.

    Show in Address Book

  10. Send an email to the individuals who now have access to let them know the name of the folder.

TIP: If you are going to be modifying the entries in your Public Folder regularly, you can create a "Favorite" to access it more quickly.

  1. Right click on the folder and select Add to Favorites.

    Show in Address Book

  2. Click Add in the next window. You can then get to the folder by going to Favorites under Public Folders.

    Show in Address Book
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