Privacy Options (Global Address List) for UTmail+ Accounts

Global Address List (GAL) and UofT Institutional e-mail Listing

UTmail+ maintains a directory of all users called the Global Address List (GAL) which can only be searched by registered users of the UTmail+ system. You can choose to remove your information from the GAL during account activation or after, in the UTORid management page. This will limit some of the functionality of the email and calendaring system. Some of the limitations include:

  • Your email address will not appear as an autocomplete option when someone is addressing an email to you using the UTmail+ system.
  • Others affiliated with U of T will not be able to search for your email address in the directory.
  • Account Setup Wizards on mobile devices and desktop mail clients will not work.

In addition, by opting out of the GAL, your email address will be automatically excluded from the UofT’s institutional email search service.

If at any time you wish to change your GAL listing status, Visit , log into the Change Options section, and modify the option called Email Address Directory Listing. Save the changes. 

Junk Mail Settings

Junk mail filtering is controlled at two points:

  1. Within the UTORid management system. See the instructions for managing UTORid junk mail settings .
  2. Within the Outlook Web App. See information on managing junk mail settings within OWA .
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