UTmail+ Pre-migration - Back up your Inbox Rules in Outlook 2016 for Windows

Rules will not be migrated across to your new UTmail+ account, so to preserve them, you will need to export them from UTORexchange and then import them into your UTmail+ account. 

  1. In the Mail view, click Rules, then Manage Rules & Alerts.


  2. Click Options, then click Export Rules.

    Options for Rules

  3. Give the file a name and choose a location to save it. Click Save.

    Export Rules

  4. Click OK, then OK again. 
  5. Once you've set up your UTmail+ account, in the Mail view, click Rules, then Manage Rules & Alerts
  6. Click Options, then click Import Rules.
  7. Find the rules you exported, select the file and click Open.
  8. Click OK, then OK again.
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