Shared Resource Calendars

A shared resource is a meeting room or a piece of equipment that is not attached to one person’s mailbox, but has a designated owner and can be booked using the shared resource calendar.

Create a Shared Resource Calendar

Send an email to requesting that a shared resource be created. Include the following information:

  • The display name for the calendar (including department abbreviation)
  • The email address and UTORid of the resource owner (i.e. the person who manages permissions for the resource)
  • The names and email addresses of the people who should have access to the calendar and the permission level for each (i.e. Reviewer, Author, Editor, etc.)

The owner can give access to people and apply permissions him/herself once the calendar is created.

Access a Shared Resource Calendar 

To open a calendar for a shared resource:

Open a Shared Resource Calendar using Outlook 2016 for Windows

Open a Shared Resource Calendar using Outlook for Mac

To modify who has access:

Modify permissions on Outlook for Windows

Modify permissions on Outlook for Mac

You can also view/edit the calendar through Go to Calendar > Add Calendar > From Directory and then search for the calendar by display name. Managing calendar permissions must be done through the desktop app.

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