Instant Messaging in OWA

You can chat with anyone on the UTmail+ system when they are available. The coloured square next to a person’s name indicate their availability—green means available to chat, red means they are busy, and yellow means they are away.

You can open a chat window for a person who has sent you email:

  1. Select a message from the person with whom you wish to chat.
  2. In the message, mouse over their user icon and choose the chat icon.

Skype IM icon


You can also open a chat window for a person who is in your Contacts or the GAL.

  1. Click the Skype icon. A pane will open at the right, with a list of your contacts. 

    Skype Instant Messaging

  2. Select a Contact from your list, or do a search to find someone listed in the GAL.
  3. Start typing in the message field at the bottom of the window.

To set your own availability, click on your name in the top right corner and choose an option.

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