Setting up a Shared Mailbox on your Android phone

Android 5.0 and up uses the Gmail app to display all email acounts. Your device might have slightly different labels and screens from those shown below. Contact the Help Desk at or at 416-978-4357 if you have any questions.

  1. Go to SettingsUsers & accounts (Accounts on some devices), and tap Add account.
  2. Choose Personal (IMAP).

    Add account

  3. Throughout the setup screens, you will need to fill in the information shown below. Tap Next or Previous to navigate through the setup screens.

    Email address: the address for the shared mailbox 
    Password: your UTORid password

  4. Incoming Server Settings:

    Username: Your e-mail address\the shared mailbox’s email address (e.g.,\
    Security Type: SSL or SSL/TLS

    Android server settings for O365 Shared Mailbox

  5. Outgoing Server settings:

    Username: Your e-mail address (e.g.,
    Port: 587
    Security Type: TLS or STARTTLS

  6. You can set some account options in the next screen. Tap Next.
  7. Give the account a name (e.g. UTmail+ Shared Mailbox) and tap Next.
  8. When you have completed the setup process, your mail and other selected options will begin syncing.
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