Open a Shared Mailbox/Calendar through OWA

  1. Log in to your UTmail+ account at
  2. Click on your account name in the top right corner and choose Open another mailbox from the menu that appears.

    Open Shared Mailbox/Calendar

  3. Type the name of the mailbox and click Open.
  4. The shared mailbox will open in a separate tab, where you will have access to email and calendars.
  5. If you prefer to have the Shared Mailbox appear on the left-hand pane in OWA, right-click on your name in the folder tree on the left side. You should see the menu below. Click Add shared folder...

Open Shared Mailbox Subfolder














Begin typing in the Shared Mailbox email address and it should come up in the search results field. Click Add. If you have permissions to access this mailbox, it will appear on the left.

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