Shared Mailboxes and Global Address List issues

Many actions involving shared mailboxes rely on the Global Address List (GAL) which, in O365, is controlled by Address Book Policies (ABP).  When performing various actions, clients (Both OWA and Outlook) check the GAL to complete the action. When the Shared Mailbox cannot be found the action fails.

Issue with sending mail from the Shared Mailbox address using Outlook

When you compose a message in Outlook, it will not be possible to choose the Shared Mailbox email address as the from address if:

  • the Shared Mailbox is not listed in the Global Address List (GAL)
  • you are a student with access to the Shared Mailbox and you are trying to compose a message from within your personal UTmail+ account
  • your staff status is not set up yet in UTORauth
  • the Shared Mailbox is hidden from the GAL

In order to work around this issue, you will need to open a direct link to the Shared Mailbox through OWA to send from the Shared Mailbox email address. The direct link is of the format where you replace with the email address of your Shared Mailbox. 

Changing the From address in UTmail+ Shared Mailbox message composition

When accessing a Shared UTmail+ Mailbox using Outlook and composing a new message, the From address will default to your individual email address. To have the From address show the Shared Mailbox address:

  1. Start a new mail message.
  2. If you don't see the From button, click the Options tab.
  3. In the Fields section click the From button.
  4. Once back in the Compose window, click the From button and choose another email address.

    NOTE: You may need to select the name from the GAL.

You will need to change the From field each time you compose a new message or it will default to your individual account.

Please note: when replying to a message addressed to a Shared Mailbox, the From address will have the Shared Mailbox address.

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