Set up a UTmail+ Shared Mailbox as the default address in an existing Profile

If you need to send messages primarily from the Shared Mailbox but need to access other email accounts easily (e.g. in the same Outlook profile), you can follow these instructions to add the Shared Mailbox to an existing profile.

You will first need to send a message to requesting to have Automapping disabled for the Shared Mailbox. 

  1. Start the Mail applet:
    • in Windows 7 - Go to Start > Control Panel and type Mail in the search field
    • in Windows 8 and up - Go to Start and type Control Panel. Click on Control Panel on the left then type Mail in the Search box
  2. Open the Mail (32-bit) icon.
  3. In the Mail Setup window, you will need to click on Show Profiles before proceeding. Once you see the Mail window, select the profile you wish to edit and click Properties

    choose profile

  4. Click E-mail Accounts.

    Add E-mail Account

  5. Click New

    Add New Email

  6. In the Auto Account Setup screen, enter the name and email address for the Shared Mailbox. Leave the Password field blank. Click Next

    Manually Set up Account

  7. At this point you will be asked to enter your credentials. You may need to click More Choices and Use a different account so that you can enter your personal email address and password in the appropriate fields. Click OK

    email address and password

  8. If you see the Weblogin screen, enter your UTORid and password and click Log in.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. In the Account Settings window, select the Shared Mailbox and click Set as default.
  11. Click Close.
  12. Start Outlook and log in as usual.
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