Shared Mailbox - Adding or removing an owner using UTORGrouper

Please note: If you are trying to access UTORgrouper from a non-UofT network, you will need to go through UTORvpn.

Add an owner

If you are the owner of a Shared Mailbox and wish to add a new owner, you can only grant access to those who have a UTmail+ account. To do so, you must modify the owner management group for the shared mailbox.

  1. Log into

    UTORGrouper screen shot

  2. Click My groups. Under Groups I manage, click on the Owners group.
  3. Click Add members.
  4. Type the email address or UTORid of the person you would like to add. Choose their name from the dropdown. Please note that if you accidentally click somewhere other than on the name, you may have to delete the contents of the search field and retype it.

    UTORGrouper search

  5. Select Default privileges and click Add.
  6. Those people who have been added will need to set up their email clients. Instructions are available under the section Opening a Shared Mailbox on the Shared Mailboxes page.

Remove an owner

  1. Log into
  2. Click My groups. Under Groups I manage, click on the Owner's group.
  3. Select the checkbox next to a member's name and click Remove selected members.
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