Email services for alumni

Email for UofT alumni is offered through two mail systems:

@alum.utoronto: The new alumni add-on to UTmail+ first introduced with the class of 2012.

For additional information, continue reading below.

@alumni.utoronto: A Gmail hosted service offered to alumni who graduated before June of 2012.

For more details, see @alumni.utoronto Service Overview.

Once you graduate from UofT, you will be given an address in addition to your address. Messages sent to your student account will be forwarded to your alumni account for at least 2 years after graduation to allow you to alert your contacts. If you held staff status with the university, you may need to manually modify the forwarding options.

Getting an address

If you have a UTmail+ account and graduated any time after June of 2012 your was created automatically. All email sent to this address will be automatically deposited into your UTmail+ inbox. See the UTmail+ section for information on accessing this mailbox. If you have not activated your UTmail+ account, or the address was not created, contact the Help Desk to verify eligibility and have it created.

In order to access the remote password reset process, you must Register for the new Password Reset Tool.

Sending As

Until October of the new school year, your default "from" email address will be your account. The new address may be used earlier if you are using a mobile device, or desktop email program. To check the current status of your email account's from address, use the UTORid Get Information tool .

For more details see .

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