My UTORid password does not work

If you know your password, but are still unable to log in to one or more of the UTORid services, you should verify your password:

  1. Click the verify link on the UTORid Management website and type in your UTORid (see Find my UTORid for more information), what you believe your password is, and click on Check.
    • If you see the message Authentication failed, you do not have the correct password and you must reset it (see the article I forgot my UTORid password).
    • If you see the message Your UTORid and password have been verified, try logging in to any UTORid service again, ensuring that you type your password exactly (remember that UTORid passwords are case-sensitive).
    • If you see the message There was a problem in our database and has now been fixed, please wait a few minutes for the change to occur. Then, try logging on to any UTORid service again.
  2. If the problem persists, contact the Help Desk during business hours (see our Hours of service).
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2016-09-02 10:05
Yali Gao
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