Moving local folders & Contacts between Entourage accounts.

If you were using Entourage to access your IMAP email, personal folders and contacts will still appear in your folder list under On My Computer. You will be able to simply drag them from one account to the other.

Move or Copy Local Folders to Exchange
You can drag messages within your local folders or to folders on your Exchange account. Items dragged around within folders in the On My Computer section are moved not copied.

Dragging items between folders in the On My Computer section and folders in your Exchange account copies these items, so if you are dragging email items from your Exchange account to a local folder in order to free up space or reduce clutter, remember to delete the originals (after checking they have copied properly), and to empty the deleted items and/or otherwise purge these redundant items.

Move or Copy Contacts to Exchange    
Contacts are stored locally under On My Computer in the Address Book. If you wish to have access to these contacts when you are logging in to your Exchange account from home or elsewhere, you need to move them into the Exchange Contacts folder.

  1. Click on your Address Book under On My Computer.
  2. Click on any item inside the folder and then choose Select All from the Edit menu.
  3. Drag all the items from the Address Book over top of the Exchange Contacts folder. This will copy the entries to the Exchange Contacts.


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