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Outlook Web Access (OWA) gives users access to their UTORexchange account from any computer connected to the Internet. OWA is offered in two different versions, Light and Premium. Refer to the OWA Light and OWA Premium comparison article for more details.


Logging into Outlook Web Access — This article provides instructions on how to log into OWA.

Features Help

Email — These articles provide information on using the email features in OWA.

Calendar — These articles provide information on using the calendar feature in OWA.

Contacts — These articles provide information on using the Address Book feature in OWA.

Sharing — These articles provide information on how to manage and access the shared content supported by UTORexchange in OWA.


Displaying full message headers — This article shows how to display full message headers, which can be useful in diagnosing email problems.

Viewing mailbox quota — This article shows how to determine the amount of space your mailbox is using.

Some mail folders are not displaying — This article provides a possible solution if you are unable to view certain folders in OWA.

Log in problems with OWA — This article troubleshoots problems with log in.

Click here to show all Troubleshooting articles.

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