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UTORprotect is a collection of computer security-related resources for system and network administrators as well as all end users. You can find out about the latest viruses and other threats that can affect computer systems and other general advice on computer security on the Security Matters website.

AntiVirus Software for Students –­ A number of different free programs exist for personal computers. Find out more about free antivirus options on the Antivirus website .

AntiVirus Software for Staff — Antivirus products for staff will vary by department. See the Antivirus website for more information.

Email and Identity Security

Phishing — How to recognize fraudulent emails and websites before they steal your passwords, confidential information, and possibly your identity. 

General Information

Spam and Junk Mail Blocking — The institutional email system, and many of the supported clients, provide tools to control the flow of junk email. These articles provide information on using those tools. 

Spyware — These articles contain general information on managing threats posed by spyware.


Using Message Reporting and Safe Senders List to ensure legitimate mail is not marked as SPAM — There have been sporadic reports of EOP generating spam false positives. This article provides solutions to this.

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