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Various departments at the University of Toronto provide software for students, staff, and faculty members at discounted prices or for free. This page provides links to various campus resources that may be useful in purchasing or using certain software at U of T.

Note: The Help Desk only provides limited support for certain software.

Getting Software at U of T

Microsoft Products

Microsoft Office for U of T students
If you are a current student, you have access to full desktop versions and mobile versions of Microsoft Office through your UTmail+ account. See our article about Student Advantage and Office 365 ProPlus for full details.

Microsoft Windows and Office for U of T-owned computers
Under the Microsoft Campus Agreement, Microsoft Windows and Office Office is free for U of T-owned computers. More details are available on the Licensed Software Office website .

Microsoft Office for U of T faculty and staff personal computers
Microsoft Office is available for a greatly reduced price under the Microsoft Home Use program.  Details on eligibility and where to get the software are available on the Licensed Software Office website .

Other Products

Licenced Software Office — The Licenced Software Offices distributes software, particularly to departments. They handle some of the more specialized software distributed at U of T such as SPSS, Matlab and Autodesk.

Campus Bookstore: Computer Shop — Sales of certain consumer software such as Adobe and Microsoft products are available through the Computer Shop.

UTORvpn — This website provides the free installer package to access UTORvpn, which is available to U of T faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Antivirus —  The University of Toronto has antivirus software recommendations for students, faculty, and staff.

Software Supported by the Help Desk

The Help Desk provides support for select software including:

Additional Software Information

SPSS at the University of Toronto — This article provides information on how to access SPSS.

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