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Support for computing services at U of T is available from different departments within the university. This is an introduction to the principle resources relating to computing services at U of T. Certain departments cover specific areas of expertise or specific clientele.

Help Desks

St. George Campus — The St. George Campus Help Desk is located on the first floor of Robarts Library. It primarily provides help with UTORid accounts, U of T email services, the campus wireless network, as well as answering general inquiries about computing services at U of T. See the Help Desk Hours of Service.

Scarborough Campus — The UTSC Help Desk provides help tailored to students, staff, and faculty at the Scarborough Campus.

Mississauga Campus — The UTM Help Desk provides help tailored to students, staff, and faculty at the Mississauga Campus.

Web Space

UTORweb — UTORweb provides faculty and active staff and students with space to host a personal website or store files.

Student Group Websites— This page provides information on what resources are available to students including Web pages and other internet services.

Departmental Websites — This article provides information on where to go if you would like to create a departmental website.

Departmental IT Support

Information + Technology Services — I + TS is the overarching department responsible for IT services at U of T.

Discovery Commons (Faculty of Medicine) — Discovery Commons provides support to Faculty of Medicine faculty, staff, and students, with particular emphasis on Faculty of Medicine specific resources.

Education Commons (OISE) — The Education Commons provides support to OISE faculty, staff, and students and faculty with particular emphasis on OSIE specific resources.

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