Requesting an IP address for a device such as a photocopier, switch, etc.

ITS offers a service for machines and devices such as switches, data appliances, power bars, photocopiers, etc which need an SMTP server in order to send email. It is recommended that users do not use their own, personal UTORmail SMTP settings for such devices.

To prevent unauthorized email from being sent, the service will only accept mail from a list of approved IP addresses. Departmental technical support staff must register IP address(es) with the service in order to use it.

This service is not intended for use by personal workstations or desktop e-mail software. It is also not intended for relaying unofficial, unsolicited bulk mail. ITS reserves the right to block access without notice from any IP number that disrupts mail delivery to others or violates UofT IT policies and guidelines.

Register for the Service

If your department would like to use the service, send the following information to

  1. Department.
  2. Contact email address.
  3. List the UofT IP Address(es) from which messages will be sent.
  4. An alternate email address for us to contact if we notice a problem.
  5. The type of device at the IP address(es) being registered. 

After You Have Registered

  1. You will receive an e-mail message confirming that your IP addresses have been registered.
  2. Configure your registered machines as follows:
    • SMTP server name:
    • Port Number: 25

Additional Support

For further help with the service, send a message to

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