Blackberry 6 OS setup for Alumni UTmail+

(These settings were tested on a Blackberry 9700 and a Blackberry 9300)

Please note: When you log in to UTmail+ using the Outlook Web App, your login is managed by the University of Toronto. Any means of accessing the UTmail+ service other than through a web browser will securely transmit your UTORid and password through Microsoft’s systems.

  1. Go to the BlackBerry home screen and tap Setup > Setup Wizard and choose Email Setup.
  2. In the Email Setup screen select I want to create or add an email address and tap Next,
  3. An information screen about the BlackBerry internet service set up may appear. Tap Next.
  4. An Email Accounts screen will appear. Tap Add.
  5. An Email Setup screen will appear, choose Other and tap Next.
  6. Enter your Email address: (for details about your email address, read about checking your current email addresses). Enter your UTORid password and tap Next.

  7.  BlackBerry set up 1

  8. After some time, tap on the link I will provide the settings and click Next.

    BlackBerry set up 2

  9. Under Select an Email type, choose IMAP and fill in the following information:
    • Email address: (for details about your email address, read about checking your current email addresses).
    • Password: your UTORid password
    • Email server:
    • Username: (replacing "UTORid" with your actual UTORid)
      • NOTE: the username does not change regardless of your Student/Alumni status. It is NOT an email address.
  10. Tap Next.
  11. An Account Setup Confirmation screen will appear. Tap OK.
  12. Go to the Home screen and find your UTmail+ account icon. There should be a message from the activation server confirming that the mail account has been setup.
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