From: address when composing a new message and Shared UTORexchange Mailbox in Outlook 2011

If you wish to send a message from the Shared Mailbox, you can do it when your individual inbox is selected, however, the From address will default to your individual email address.

To have the From address show the Shared Mailbox address, you can choose one of two methods:

  • select the Inbox for the Shared Mailbox in the left pane, then compose the message
  • If you have your individual Inbox selected, click the new email icon, then select the Shared Mailbox from the From: menu.

    Please note:
      Your original signature will remain in the message. If you want a different signature, you will have to delete the original one and select a new one from the Draft > Signatures menu.

If you reply to a message addressed to the Shared Mailbox, the From address will default to the Shared Mailbox email address.

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2012-10-19 14:19
Amanda Wagner
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