Configuring Windows Mail (Windows 10) for UTmail+

Please note: When you log in to UTmail+ through a web browser, your login is managed by the University of Toronto. Any means of accessing the UTmail+ service other than through a web browser will securely transmit your UTORid and password through Microsoft’s systems.

  1. From the Start menu, choose the Mail app.
  2. Click Add account. If you already have an account set up in Mail, click the settings icon (Settings icon) and click Accounts, then Add account.
  3. In the Choose an account screen, scroll to the very bottom and click Advanced setup.
  4. Select Exchange ActiveSync.

    Advanced Setup

  5. Enter:
    Your email address: (usually of the form “
    Password: your UTORid password
    User name: (your username is the same as your email address
    Give the account a name.


    Click Sign in.

  6. On the security screen click Enforce these policies.
  7. In the next screen, click Done.

Your mail will begin syncing and appear in the app.

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2016-01-13 11:53
Amanda Wagner
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