Configure Outlook 2016 on Windows for UTmail+ (Students)

If you upgraded from a previous version of Outlook, your settings should import into Outlook 2016 and you will just have to log in after opening the program.

If you are not upgrading from an older version of Outlook, you will have to set up your email account when opening Outlook 2016 for the first time.

  1. Start Outlook. In the Welcome screen, enter your email address and click Connect.

    Add UTmail+ account information

  2. In the Choose account type screen, select Exchange.

    Outlook login

  3. If you see the Windows security screen, enter the requested information and click OK.
  4. In the Weblogin screen, type your UTORid and password and click Log in.

    Outlook login

  5. Outlook will begin to import your email. You may need to wait a short time before seeing any of your messages.
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2017-09-26 10:29
Amanda Wagner
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