Alumni UTmail+: Configure Apple Mail 7 and up

Please note: When you log in to UTmail+ through a web browser, your login is managed by the University of Toronto. Any means of accessing the UTmail+ service other than through a web browser will securely transmit your UTORid and password through Microsoft’s systems.

Although Mac Mail can be used with UTmail+, Outlook is the preferred email client.

    1. Click Mail in the dock or double-click the Mail icon in your Applications folder.
    2. If you do not have an existing email account set up in Mac Mail, you will be presented with a welcome screen. If there is an exisiting email account set up already, click on Mail, then Preferences. In the window that appears click on Accounts. Then click on + located on the bottom left corner. 
    3. Choose Exchange, then click Continue.

      Mac Mail - choose account type

    4. Type your Name, Email Address ( and Password. Click Continue.

      Mac Mail account info

      Mail will check the connection to the mail server, which will fail.
    5. In the next screen beside User name, enter, replacing UTORid with your UTORid, all lowercase.Click Continue.


    6. When it's done, you will see the Account Summary screen. Click Continue.
    7. In the next screen, place checkmarks beside Contacts and Calendar if you wish to set them up for Alumni UTmail+ automatically. Click Done.
    8. Mail will open showing the Inbox. It will begin to import all your Alumni UTmail+ folders and messages. This may take a while.
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2016-07-06 15:41
Amanda Wagner
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