Importing Messages from your old UTmail+ account

Monday, May 8, 2017, 4 pm:

If your mail does not appear to have been moved over, we are working to implement an automated process to resolve the issue. The instructions below may create duplicate messages in your inbox and should be used with caution. Updates on the automated process will be posted here.

These instructions describe how to set up a connected acount in UTmail+ to import messages from the archived UTmail+ account on the U.S. servers.

This method will be most useful to people whose mail does not appear to have been moved over. If you do have some mail in your inbox, this process will create duplicate messages.

    1. Before importing messages, make sure that you have closed any desktop or mobile email clients which are accessing your archived UTmail+ account.
    2. Log into your UTmail+ account.
    3. Click on the Settings icon (Settings Icon), then begin typing connected accounts into the search field. When it appears below the field, click on it.

      Settings search

    4. Click the sign.
    5. Under E-mail address, enter your UTmail+ Archive username (which will look something like
    6. Under Password, enter your archive password and click OK.

      Connect your account

    7. You may see a message about an unsecured connection. Click Skip to configure your account settings. 

      Unsecured connection message
    8. Choose IMAP and click OK.

      Choose connection type
    9. Under account information, enter the following information:
      • Display name: your name
      • Email address: enter your UTmail+ Archive username (which will look something like
      • User name: enter your UTmail+ Archive username (which will look something like
      • Password: your archive password 

        IMAP Account Creation
    10. Under server information, enter the following information:
      • Incoming server:
      • Authentication: set to Basic
      • Encryption: set to TLS
      • Port: set as 143
    11. Click OK.
    12. You may receive a message from Microsoft requesting that you verify the authenticy of the connected account. Click on the link provided in the message.
    13. Your folders and messages will be added to your UTmail+ account. This process may take several hours to complete. Messages will continue to be transferred after you exit UTmail+.
    14. Check back the next week and ensure that you have all of your emails been brought over. Once this is the case, remove the connected account profile to break the connection between the two accounts by clicking the Settings icon then clicking Options. Under account, select connected accounts. Select the entry for your UTORmail account, and click the "X" button to delete the account.
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