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UTmail+ for faculty, librarians and staff is coming!

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What is UTmail+?

UTmail+ powered by Office 365 is a comprehensive online e-communication and collaboration service provided by Microsoft. The service provides virtually anywhere access to familiar Office tools (e.g., online versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint…), e-mail, calendaring, instant message, audio/video conferencing, and cloud storage services. Note that the online Office applications do not replace PC/Mac-based software. They are adjuncts to the software you may already have.


Account migrations will begin August 2017 with a pilot group and then rolled out in phases to the rest of the University. Your department/division will have 8 weeks of lead time to prepare for migration and receive training. For a detailed timeline, see the Office 365 website.

Important: Accounts will be moved starting approximately 5 pm on the day you are scheduled for migration. Full access to your new UTmail+ account will be available the following morning. 

Pre-Migration Checklist

To prepare for your migration to UTmail+, we recommend doing the following:

Access your account through OWA

For access to all the new Office 365 features, log into your UTmail+ account at mail.utoronto.ca using your UTORid and password.

Set up UTmail+ on Desktop Clients

Outlook 2016 for Windows — Outlook 2016 is the most recent email client included with the Microsoft Office 2016 suite for Windows.

Create a profile for UTmail+ in Outlook 2016 for Windows — These instructions are for those who already have an existing mail profile for Outlook. 

New setup for UTmail+ on Outlook 2016 for Windows — These instructions are for those who do not have an existing mail profile and are setting up Outlook 2016 for the first time.

Outlook 2016 for Macintosh — Outlook 2016 is the most recent email client included with the Microsoft Office 2016 suite for Macintosh.
Mac Mail
Mac Mail 7 and higher — Mac Mail is a desktop client for Mac users.

Set up UTmail+ on Mobile Clients

UTmail+ for iOS
iOS — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using an iOS device such as an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and the iOS Mail app.
UTmail+ for Android
Android — Instructions for accessing your UTmail+ account using a device with the Android Operating System and the Gmail mail app.

Post Migration and Troubleshooting

Reattach Signatures — Outlook signatures are stored within windows profile and NOT the e-mail profile. Once you've been migrated to UTmail+, the signature appears to be lost but it is only disassociated. You will need to reattach any signature you have created.

Outlook 2016 (Windows) — Remove Locally Stored Password — If you are having problems accessing your UTmail+ account, Windows may be using stored credentials from your old UTORexchange account. To fix this, remove locally stored passwords for Outlook using the Credential Manager.

Preferred Display Name Missing — If you were recently migrated from UTORexchange to UTmail+ and your preferred display name no longer appears, this article helps you reset it.

Merged Student and Staff email accounts - create a rule to separate student messages from staff messages — If you have an @mail.utoronto.ca or an @alum.utoronto.ca account, it will be merged with your @utoronto.ca account. If you wish to keep incoming messages to each account separate, you will need to create a rule so that messages sent to your @mail.utoronto.ca account are sorted into another folder.

Delegate settings not migrated if you have multiple U of T accounts — If you have both an @mail.utoronto.ca and an @utoronto.ca account, settings for delegate access may not have been migrated. This article helps you set it up again.

Free Copies of Office 365 ProPlus for Personal devices

Included with your UTmail+ account is access to full desktop versions and mobile versions of Microsoft Office. You may run Office on up to 5 personal machines (Mac or PC). You can also run the Office Mobile Apps (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) on up to 5 mobile devices (on various platforms). More details and installation instructions are available from the article about getting a free copy of Office 2016 for U of T Faculty, Librarians and Staff.

Training and Help

Information Technology Services will initiate a tri-campus wide education campaign for the available cloud services. The following resources will be available:

  • The Organizational Development & Learning Centre will be providing training on using Office 2016. A list of training dates is available on office365.utoronto.ca.   
  • Microsoft’s excellent online training resources — links to these are available on the office365.utoronto.ca website.
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