Configuring Android's Gmail app for UTmail+

Android 5.0 and up uses the Gmail app to display all email acounts. Your device might have slightly different labels and screens from those shown below. Contact the Help Desk at or at 416-978-4357 if you have any questions.

  1. If you have your UTORexchange account set up on your device, remove the account before continuing.
  2. Go to Settings, Users & accounts (Accounts on some devices), and tap Add account.

  3. Choose Exchange.

    Add account

  4. Throughout the setup screens, you will need to fill in the information shown below. Tap Next or Previous to navigate through the setup screens. If you see a Redirect request screen, tap OK to continue.

    Redirect request screen

    Email address:
    Password: your UTORid password
    Username: this is the same as your email address and is usually of the form ""
    Security Type: SSL/TLS

    Android server settings for O365

  5. Tap OK to allow when you see the screen about additional security settings.

    Security settings

  6. You will be offered the opportunity to sync contacts, email, calendar, etc. Tap Next.
  7. Tap Activate on the Activate device administrator screen.

    Activate administrator

  8. Give the account a name (e.g. UTmail+) and tap Next.
  9. When you have completed the setup process, your mail and other selected options will begin syncing.
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