Merged Student and Staff email accounts - create a rule to separate student messages from staff messages

If you have an or an account, it will be merged with your account. If you wish to keep incoming messages to each account separate, you will need to create a rule so that messages sent to your account are sorted into another folder.

Although it's not required, we recommend that this step be completed before your staff account is migrated. These instructions assume you do not have subfolders within your Inbox.

  1. Create a new folder and name it Student Email. To do this, click on the plus (+) sign beside your Mailbox name in the list of folders, then type Student Email in the field created.
  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner, then begin typing rules into the search field. When Inbox rules appears below the field, click on it.

    OWA settings

  3. Under inbox rules, click the + sign to create a new ruleInbox rules 1

  4. In the next screen, name the rule Student UTmail+. 

    Inbox rules 2

  5. Under When the message arrives..., select It was sent or received and then Sent.

    Select Rule Options

  6. In the field beside It was sent to, insert your cursor and type your email address. If you have an address, type that in as well. Click Save.

    Select Rule Options 2

  7. Under Do all of the following: select Move, copy, or delete and then Move the message to folder.

    Select Bulk Rule Options 3

  8. Choose the Student Email folder you created in step 1.
  9. Uncheck the option Stop processing more rules and click OK.
  10. Click Save and the rule will be active.
  11. Select all the email in your Inbox and move it to the Student Email folder.
  12. Remember to check the Student Email folder and manage its content.
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2017-09-19 15:44
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