Problem with OneDrive for Business login

If you installed OneDrive for Business from or from the UTmail+ downloads section as part of the Office 2016 package, you may experience problems logging into the app.

  1. During the setup process you are asked which library to sync (where you would insert the URL from your OneDrive's online location), then asked to enter your email address. If you see either of the following error messages, you will need to install OneDrive from Microsoft's website and use it instead of OneDrive for Business.

    Error Authenticating to OneDrive for Business

  2. Go to Microsoft's OneDrive download page and click on the Download button (if you are running Windows 10, OneDrive is already installed, but you will need to reinstall it from the version provided at the link above. Click on the Click here to download link on the Microsoft page).
  3. Run the installer you just downloaded. You will see a progress bar preparing OneDrive for use.
  4. In the next screen, enter your email address and click Sign in.

    Set up OneDrive

  5. You will see the Weblogin screen. Enter your UTORid and password and click Log in.
  6. In the next screen, you may choose a location other than the default location by selecting Change Location. Click Next to continue. 

    Choose OneDrive Location

  7. In the Sync screen, choose the files you'd like to sync to your computer and click Next.
  8. Once the sync is complete, click the link provided to open the OneDrive folder on your computer. You should see your OneDrive folder in the list of folders on the left of Windows Explorer. 

    OneDrive Ready

Note: If you exit the OneDrive app and need access to it again, open OneDrive and not OneDrive for Business.

If you are still experiencing problems logging in, contact the Help Desk. 

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