Using Message Reporting and Safe Senders List to ensure legitimate mail is not marked as SPAM — There have been sporadic reports of EOP generating spam false positives. This article provides solutions to this.

Reattach/recreate Signatures — Outlook signatures are stored within windows profile and NOT the e-mail profile. Once you've been migrated to UTmail+, the signature appears to be lost but it is only disassociated. You will need to reattach any signature you have created.

Outlook 2016 (Windows) — Remove Locally Stored Password — If you are having problems accessing your UTmail+ account, Windows may be using stored credentials from your old UTORexchange account. To fix this, remove locally stored passwords for Outlook using a script provided by I+TS.

Preferred Display Name Missing — If you were recently migrated from UTORexchange to UTmail+ and your preferred display name no longer appears, this article helps you reset it.

Delete temporary email addresses in Outlook created by migration process — an email address ending in may appear in your AutoComplete List/Recent Addresses in Outlook when composing a message and will cause delivery failure if used. 

Merged Student and Staff email accounts - create a rule to separate student messages from staff messages — If you have an or an account, it will be merged with your account. If you wish to keep incoming messages to each account separate, you will need to create a rule so that messages sent to your account are sorted into another folder.

Delegate settings for mailboxes and calendars not migrated if you have multiple U of T accounts — If you have both an and an account, settings for delegate access may not have been migrated. This article helps you set them up again.

Problem with OneDrive for Business login — If you installed OneDrive for Business from or from the UTmail+ downloads section as part of the Office 2016 package, you may experience problems logging into the app.

Missing Contacts in iOS — If you deleted your email account profile from the built-in iOS mail app and installed it on Outlook for iOS instead, you may no longer see your contacts in the iOS contact app or phone app.

eToken update required for eToken Administrators with both student and staff UTmail+ accounts — If you are an eToken adminstrator and have a student email (an @mail or @alum UTmail+ account) and a staff email account,  you may experience issues when accessing the eToken management web tool.

Problem viewing all folders in shared mailbox — If you added a shared mailbox to your Outlook profile, you may experience random performance problems. This article suggests possible solutions

Using different browsers for multiple O365 accounts — If you have more than one O365 accounts, log in using different browsers

Troubleshooting Office 365 Issues — Microsoft has created a tool called the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 to troubleshoot configuration and other issues.

Backing up an Outlook for Mac 2016 profile — create a backup of an email account before deleting it to preserve messages in an archive

Backing up messages in Mac Mail for POP configured accounts prior to migrating to UTmail+ — create a backup of an email account before deleting it to preserve messages in an archive

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