Your TCard is more than just your ID or Library card. With TCard+ now available at the St. George Campus, students, faculty and staff can swipe and pay using an existing TCard for goods and services across the St. George and Scarborough campuses of the University of Toronto. 

TCard+ allows you to load funds online, check transaction history and view account statements. Get started on the TCard+ eAccounts Sign In page.

Your TCard is accepted as a form of payment at food outlets, vending machines, printers, photocopiers, the U of T Bookstore and much more! See the TCard+ website for a full list of merchants.

Additional questions and answers about the TCard+ system are available at:

Do you have questions that are not answered here or on the TCard+ site? Please contact Glen Morales, Library Operations,

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2018-09-07 16:30
Amanda Wagner
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